• Ascen Tec

“Ascen.Tec – Elevator Technologies”:
3 – 5 June 2022

Finally! Restart!

T-Press is proud to announce that the 2nd Trade Fair/Convention Ascen.Tec – Elevator Technologies will take place in Athens in June 2022.

Back in 2019, T-Press took a bold move by re-introducing to the greek market a long awaited Exhibition. The elevator industry, both local and international embraced it. The2nd Ascen.Tec – Elevator Technologies Trade Fair will take place between the  3rd and the 5th of June 2022, at MEC Exhibition Center, aiming to promote once again thousands of professionals from the field of elevators construction, import, maintenance and installation.

The organizing company, “T-Press“, prepares a three-day event that will focus on innovation, research and cutting-edge technologies. New products, constructions and solutions will be presented during the Fair and exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their services, cultivate their image, reach new markets and look for business partners

Ascen.tec Forum

Once again, the “Ascen.Tec Forum” will draw everyone’s attention. Key market players, technicians, architects, engineers, installers will  discuss and exchange views on common challenges and the solutions they offer.

The three-day Forum is being prepared with the support of the most important european and domestic professional and scientific bodies in the field, aiming to become the leading conference event in the elevator market, by covering even more areas of interest and top topics, from the institutional framework to the impact of elevators in architecture and their importance for the disabled.


The Trade Fair hosts:

  • Lift, elevators, ancillary equipment.
  • Escalators and travelators.
  • Drive systems & mechanisms.
  • Winches, conveyor fittings and lift equipment.
  • Speed regulators and related equipment.
  • Prefabricated lift elements.
  • Software companies.
  • Hydraulic systems.
  • High pressure hoses, fittings.
  • Remote controls.
  • Roller shutters for external lifts.
  • Security and control systems.
  • Lift cabins for people, cargo and vehicles.
  • Electrical accessories, electrical equipment, cables, mirrors, stainless steel, Formica panels for cabins.
  • Semi-automatic doors, folding doors, fire-proof doors, door operation rubber parts and accessories.
  • Lifting wire ropes and accessories.
  • Monitoring equipment, cabin keypads and digital indicators.
  • Employee protection and safety equipment.
  • Fire protection systems, fire extinguishers, fire detection.
  • Consumables, maintenance lubricants, batteries, flax.
  • Tools and Materials.
  • Energy saving equipment, Inverters, LED Lighting.
  • Certifications by home, professional and industrial level standards.
  • Network technologies, Optical fibers, Intercom, WiFi.

Lubricants and battery recycling.

  • Lifting cranes.
  • Lifts for the disabled.

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